If you have an injury or work place injury you are entitled to funded podiatry treatment. Specialized orthotics and footwear may also be available to you to aid your recovery . Let us know when you make your appointment * conditions apply

Podiatrists Auckland Wide, The Podiatrist.

Podiatry Services, The Podiatrist’s Auckland Podiatrist Clinics are leading specialists in professional foot care.

The Podiatrist is an Auckland Podiatrist group full of dedicated Podiatrists at conveniently located Podiatry Clinics across the wider Auckland area. The Podiatrist aims to keep their customers feet forever young. It’s important to maintain good foot health with advice from a qualified Podiatrist, who is a registered health care professional. Your foot is made up of 26 bones and many joints, ligaments and tendons. It is one of the most complex parts of the body. The support and stability from the foot contributes to our bodies overall well being absorbing the many stresses of day to day walking and running. Poor foot health is often attributed to a variety of health related issues.

Regular foot care and seeking help from a podiatrist for issues early is key to keeping your feet in optimal condition.

The importance of good footwear is also essential. Shoes that are supportive, cushioned and suitable for your particular foot type are key to preventing future issues.

The Podiatrist Auckland is a dedicated team of podiatry professionals who pride ourselves in providing the very best in care for the health of your feet. Established over 10 years ago our team of Auckland Podiatrists are all New Zealand Podiatry Board registered.

The Podiatrist believe in the importance of the continued professional development of our Podiatrists. Therefore you are assured that the treatment and advice is of the highest possible standard.

Young feet, old feet, sports feet, sore feet – whatever your foot complaint may be, we can help you! 

Podiatrists can also treat knee issues, anterior knee pain, lower limb musculoskeletal issues, shin splints and hip pain caused by leg length discrepancy.

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