Lia Onorati, an Australian woman, after having allegedly “ground-breaking” and “minimally invasive” surgery by podiatrist, Dr.Paul Bours has been left with three amputated toes after contracting gangrene. She simply wanted to fix a severe case of hammer toe that prevented her from wearing stiletto boots.

Our toes consist of two joints that allow it to bend at the middle and the bottom. When the middle joint becomes dislocated, hammertoe occurs. This impairment can be present at birth, but more often than not, it develops over time due to arthritis or wearing ill-fitting shoes. Essentially it is a deformity or injury that causes your toe to curl downward instead of pointing forward.

In severe cases, surgery is considered. However, in Lia Onorati’s case, an anaesthetic was used in her toes during the surgery that came with a warning from its distributor that it could cause gangrene. According to the reports, she also did not receive the proper after-care and was unable to reach her podiatrist, Dr Bours, once she started experiencing excruciating pain. There are also claims that Dr. Bours did not consider Ms. Onorati’s pre-consisting conditions. She had lupus and was a smoker which increased her risks of complications.

While surgery in some cases is a viable option, for most people prevention and less invasive techniques work just as well. Instead of sacrificing comfort for beauty or style, sometimes the smarter thing is to sacrifice style for comfort. Visit Healthy Steps Podiatry to talk about your options if you are suffering from hammertoe.