With age comes change, and your feet are no exception. The changes you can expect as you grow older include a change in their general shape, a thinning of the fatty pads that cushion the soles of the feet, brittle nails, thinner, drier skin, and for some, arthritis. But aching feet are not a natural part of growing old, and they are not something that should be tolerated.

Taking good care of your feet as you age will benefit your overall health and well being, keep you active and mobile, and keep that spring in your step!

The following tips will help keep your aging feet feeling healthy and looking their best well into the twilight years:

  • Choose proper-fitting shoes with adequate support, a firm sole and a soft upper for your everyday activities

  • Walk—it’s the best exercise for your feet

  • Avoid going barefoot

  • Never cut corns or calluses on your own

  • Bathe your feet daily in lukewarm water with a mild soap

  • Moisturize daily

  • Trim and file toenails straight across

  • Inspect your feet daily. If you notice redness, cracks in the skin or strange sores, make an appointment with one of our podiatrists at Healthy Steps in Auckland

  • Have your feet professionally examined at least once a year – at Healthy Steps Podiatry, we provide a a top quality mobile podiatry service for rest homes and retirement villages around Auckland – call us to find out more.

The foot is a complex structure and there are over 300 different foot ailments – some are inherited, but for older people, most foot conditions stem from the impact of years and years of usage. The good news though, is that even among those in their retirement years, many foot problems can be treated successfully. It is important to be aware of the natural changes that aging brings, and never to ignore the warning signs that something might be wrong – like pain, numbness, or discomfort of any kind. Feet are often referred to as your “mirror of health”, and because of this, podiatrists are often the first to identify systemic diseases, such as diabetes and arthritis. Regular visits to one of our clinics at Healthy Steps Podiatry can help prevent foot problems before they happen, so that you enjoy a healthy and active retirement.