Foot Care For Diabetics

Foot Care For Diabetics

Diabetes can seriously damage your feet

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or know someone who has, it is important to understand the implications for your feet. The feet are one of the most affected parts of your body when it comes to diabetes so it is important that you get your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist and seek help and advice early.

The Podiatrist works with Primary Health Organisations and many doctors to assess treat and monitor patient’s feet. We also educate patients on how to maintain their own foot health. Our aim is to prevent further complications, so if you have any questions or concerns Contact the podiatrists at The Podiatrist We are always happy to give help and advice.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which affects how the body deals with sugar, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

There are two main types: Type 1 diabetes, formerly known as insulin dependent diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. There is also pregnancy-induced diabetes, which is known as gestational diabetes.

Some people with diabetes develop diabetic complications, and two of the common complications with diabetes are: Nerve damage (neuropathy), and damage to the blood vessels (vascular disease).

Both of these problems can cause damage to your feet.