Well we are nearly at the end of spring, and summer is literally just around the corner. It hasn’t really been the greatest spring weather to be honest – so let’s hope we’ve had all the wind and rain we’re going to get, and that summertime is going to be gorgeous!

Now, how ’bout them feet…? Are they looking gorgeous for summer? Well, if not – here are some simple tips to to get them in tip-top shape so you can show them off in your strappy, summer sandals and keep the glowing and healthy all summer long.

Keep feet clean: The best line of defense against fungal infections is proper hygiene and regular inspection of the feet and toes. Wash feet with soap and water daily, and dry them thoroughly to prevent infection. Wear shower shoes in public places, like pools and changing rooms. And to prevent ingrown nails and toenail fungus, keep toenails trimmed straight across.

Avoid walking barefoot: Walking outside in the summertime without shoes increases the risk of injury and infection.

Protect feet from the sun: Wearing sunscreen is extremely important in the summertime- and that means lathering up the exposed skin on your feet and ankles too.

Keep your feet fungus free: Coupled with good foot hygiene, you can also prevent toenail fungus by alternating your shoes. And if you suspect a fungus infected nail, visit Healthy Steps Podiatry right away for early treatment.

Treat your feet to a pedicure: Eliminate rough, dead, winter skin and improve the appearance of your toenails with a pedicure. Do it yourself or pamper yourself to a professional one for attractive summer feet you’ll be proud to show off. But don’t leave nail polish on all summer long. Remove it periodically to allow your nail bed to breathe.

Prevent painful blisters: Sandals and flip flops can lead to irritating blisters when they rub against your bare skin. Use padding or bandages to prevent and reduce friction.

Examine your flip flops: Flip flops are great for allowing your feet to breathe all summer long, but thong sandals can result in sore feet and ankles. Choose styles with arch and heel support to keep feet healthy and pain free.

Following these easy steps during the summer months will go a long way to keep your feet looking and feeling their very best. Inspect your feet daily, and if you encounter any unusual foot problems or experience pain, contact one of the Healthy Steps clinics in Auckland and make an appointment with one of our podiatrists.