(…Continued from Part 1)

Larry’s brother, Cornelius, started taking rather a lot of sick days, which both worried and pleased Larry. It worried him because – well – because his brother was his brother. And he loved him – and he hoped he was okay. But then on the other hand – if he was away sick all the time, it meant that Larry might have a chance to step into his brother’s shoes and take over his position as team supervisor…

When it was confirmed that Cornelius was indeed not very well at all, and looked like he may have one foot in the grave, Larry stepped in and was officially promoted to the position of “Acting Team Supervisor”. But with the new position came a new boss – Archie Lees; and unfortunately Larry got off on the wrong foot with Archie Lees when he accidentally called him Mr Heel at their first supervisors meeting. From then onwards, his new boss went out of his way to make life very difficult for Larry. But Larry kept his feet planted firmly on the ground; he kept his head down, his feet facing forward, and he did all the work he was assigned to do – often going above and beyond and working until he was dead on his feet. He made sure that he didn’t put a foot wrong so that Archie Lees could have no cause for complaint.

Larry’s job began to consume him, and so did his hatred for his new boss. He started to long for the days when things were more foot-loose and fancy-free. He decided to go and visit his sick brother Cornelius and get some advice. When he arrived at his brother’s house, he was pleased to see that Cornelius was recovering well and getting back on his feet. He started to hope that his brother would get well enough to resume his position as team supervisor – Larry had decided he was more than willing to step-down and admit de-feet.

Moral of the story: When the shoe is on the other foot, it might not be as comfortable as you may think…

Yes… incredibly corny, I know. But it does illustrate how often feet can feature in every day conversation – and it’s something light and frivolous to get you started off on the right foot for the weekend!

Have a foot-loose and fancy-free weekend everyone!