Working Boots

Comfortable boots during a long day at work is very important.

The days of high hard steel cap boots have come and gone. Police foot was a name given to police officers who got plantar fascia problems from stiff hard boots. Problems like these are now easily fixed with an innersole and a good comfortable pair of boots.

When trying on your boots always consider the environment they are to be used in. Do they meet safety standards? Try them on with the socks that you will wear to work to ensure a comfortable fit. Do they protect your ankles? Provide grip for slippery work conditions? Provide some cushioning? Working boots are designed for protection so make sure the ball of your foot is protected by the reinforced toe of the boot.

Modern boots also now have fibreglass toes which decrease the weight of the boot. The boots will be lighter and with attention to fit this will make your working day more comfortable. When you come and see us bring your boots and the shoes you wear the most when you are not working, and we can make some recommendations.