Hard Surfaces

Footwear is a critical aspect affecting foot comfort when you are standing on a hard surface for any period of time.

The mid soles (cushioning part) of shoes are generally made of an EVA type of material. This is the bit between the upper part of the shoe and bottom of the shoe.

Cheaper shoes generally have bits cut out of the midsole and can last anywhere between 3 weeks-3 months before they lose their cushioning. This is the major difference between a $15 shoe and $300 running shoe and when you are standing around all day on an unforgiving surface will significantly affect your feet.

Running shoes or a well-fitted dress shoe can last longer and will be more comfortable during that time.

It is important if you are spending hours and hours on your feet to look after them and wear shoes that will allow you to continue doing your work. We can assess your shoes and advise if they are adequate or where you can be fitted for a more appropriate pair.