Foot Care At Work

Keep Your Feet Working at Their Best for you!

The Podiatrist has an onsite Podiatry service and we have treated employees of some of the region’s best known companies. If you are in a work environment that requires particular footwear or extended periods of time on your feet, you may experience foot pain. Whether you spend your day in high heels or working boots, ThePodiatrist can help you.

Call The Podiatrist today to talk about our on-site service for corporate foot checks. We can also schedule regular Podiatry appointments for your employees.

On your feet all day?

If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, you are likely to suffer from foot pain at the end of each day. The best way to deal with this problem and to prevent any injuries from happening at the work place is to make sure your feet are fitted with the right footwear.

Orthotics or arch fillers are a good way to help to reduce the amount of pressure and discomfort on your feet. The best results are achieved when these are customised to the unique requirements of your feet. Our Podiatrists are skilled at evaluating the best solutions for you. Solutions that will reduce discomfort and keep your feet in optimum health so you can perform at your best when at work.

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