Hammer Toes

The reason why hammer or claw toes occur is still not well understood. If you suffer with hammer or claw toes you may be at risk of increased pressure areas on the tips of your toes and tops of any joints which can lead to painful corns and calluses.

Some theories on how they occur:

  • Loss of function of some of the muscles in the foot. This creates an imbalance in the forces around the toes resulting in claw or hammer toes
  • You could inherit it from past family members
  • A history of the toes grabbing for stability with trauma involved.

What can The Podiatrist do for you?

  • We can remove corns and calluses on high pressure areas and instantly make you feel better.
  • We can put padding over vulnerable areas or in shoes to stop so much pressure from occurring
  • If it is still early in the development we can look at stretching and strengthening exercises for the foot
  • If surgery is required we can refer you to the correct health professionals.