Tinea Pedis

This condition also known as athlete’s foot, is caused by a fungus. We have a variety of micro-organisms that grow on our skin and our skin and changes to the acidity of our skin or the environment make is more susceptible to fungal infections.

How does tinea occur?

  • Fungi thrive in damp and warm environments
  • Moist wet socks especially with perspiration
  • Old mouldy shoes
  • Small cuts to the skin.
  • Medication or systemic illness that weaken the immune system.

All these components are perfect growing conditions for fungi. Fungal infections cause your feet to itch, smell and you can get red spots and skin peeling in areas. Sometimes, there may be fluid filled pours with a discharge of clear fluid.

How do we treat this?

  • We diagnose whether it is tinea.
  • We establish the most effective way to treat the infection. Some creams which you can buy from the chemist often work well. Oral treatments are not always very effective for this and shouldn’t be used unless it is a high risk problem as there are potential side effects
  • We advise on a new pair of socks and if possible new shoes depending of what state your shoes are in.
  • We have great anti fungal products that can also assist with long term care for this condition.