Foot Pain

As adults we sometimes experience even greater demands on our feet than that of childhood. These can come from many areas – the stresses of occupations that require us to be on our feet all day, changes in our feet due to pregnancy, or the possible injury or strains of our weekend sporting activites. Pain is often the result of the pressure placed upon our feet by our busy lives. However foot pain is also the bodies way of lettting us know that something is not quite right. So when as adults we experience foot pain, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a trained Podiatrist early.

Treatment plans may include stretching and strengthening techniques, foot and toe applications, recommendations on footwear, minor surgery, general palliative skills and orthotics. Orthotics (devices that sit inside your shoes) can be pre fabricated and then modified to suit your foot or individually customised to your specific foot type.

Either way a thorough biomechanical examination will ensure you get the right treatment plan for your feet. Podiatrists are specialists in dealing with feet, so if you are experiencing any sort of foot pain come and talk to us.

Some tips for maintaining healthy feet

Don’t ignore foot pain. Get it checked.

Make sure that you are wearing well fitting shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Check the fitting of your shoes often. Your feet may increase in size as you get older. Check the length and the width of your shoes.

  • Put your feet up and give them a rest every so often to help with circulation
  • Keep your feet moisturised and your nails properly cut.
  • Keep active as much as possible.
  • Always see us at The Podiatrist if you have any pain or would like general advice and treatment.