If you have flat feet, you’re probably going to know all about it in the coming few weeks. Why? Well it’s the festive season of course! Many of you are destined to spend hours standing in line waiting to pay for holiday gifts, see Santa or mail holiday cards and packages. There are also those cocktail parties, holiday caroling sessions and strolls through the Christmas lights that will undoubtedly have people on their feet for long stretches of time too. So, what should a flat-footed individual do at this time of year? The podiatrists at Healthy Steps have some answers:

Arch Supports, Socks and Shoes

Donning a first-rate pair of arch supports, therapeutic socks and proper footwear before heading out to enjoy hours of holiday fun is one option to consider. They’ll help ease the amount of pressure on your feet and keep the blood flowing in the right direction.


While you’re standing in line or in a queue, consider doing a bit of exercise as well. Now, we’re not talking about getting your Zumba freak on (otherwise, you might attract the attention of the mall security guards), just simple ankle rotations and walking in place may help to reduce edema and give your flat feet a bit of a break.

Foot Massage

If you happen to be in a shopping mall or center where foot massages are available, take advantage of them periodically. They’ll make you feel wonderful – and it’s a great excuse to carve out a few quiet moments for yourself. If you can’t visit a professional, then do it yourself when you are relaxing at home, or better still – get one of the kids or your partner to massage your feet for you.

Eat Right

Lastly, there are certain foods and nutritional supplements available that may reduce edema caused by standing on flat feet for hours at a time. The list includes potassium rich foods like raisins, bananas, baby carrots, nuts and yogurt. So, you may want to pack a snack for those trips to the mall or hit the food court before you hit the stores.