Cracked heels are unsightly and painful, and they can become even more painful and more of a serious problem if they develop into fissures. And summer is the season for dry, cracked heels – especially here in New Zealand where most of us live in jandals or go barefoot a lot of the time.

If not properly treated, cracked heels can create a great deal of discomfort and can even start bleeding and develop into fissures.

Things to keep in mind this summer to prevent cracked feet:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Moisturise your feet every day (castor oil and petroleum jelly mixes are good heavy moisturisers)
  • Soak your feet daily in a tub of warm water with epsom salts, and add a few drops of tea tree oil too – it’s a great anti-fungal
  • Exfoliate any dry, dead skin cells with a pumice stone after you have soaked them
  • Always make sure your feet are thoroughly clean and dry
  • Only Use mild soaps
  • Don’t live in jandals or go barefoot too often

If your cracked heels become chronic, over the counter medicines can help – especially for those that need instant relief. But if your cracked heels develop into fissures, you may have to see a podiatrist. If you book an appointment with one of our Healthy Steps podiatrists in Auckland, they will be able to examine your cracked heels and prescribe the best treatment for you.