Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break; and if you’re one of the lucky ones still enjoying the good, old long Kiwi summer break – enjoy!

So, it’s a brand new year and we are at the height of our summer. I know I’ve written at length on the dangers of habitual jandal-wearing during the summer months, but I’m afraid I’m going to start the year off touching on the subject again… mainly because during the break, I experienced first-hand how easy it is to injure your feet and toes (and your knees…) when you’re wearing jandals or open toed sandals. So today’s blog is going to be about the dangers of injury when wearing jandals or any kind of shoes that expose your toes and don’t give your feet and ankles adequate support.

So, the first of my injuries occurred as I was walking up to the local shopping center on one of the gorgeous, sunny days we’ve been having recently. I was wearing a simple pair of black, leather, 2-strap “V”- type jandals, and was walking along, enjoying feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, when I stumbled over a small pebble on the pavement and rolled my ankle. In the process of trying to right myself, too much force was put on the “V” bit of the jandal – the bit that goes between your big toe and second toe (the only traction that a jandal provides), and the “V” part of the straps were pulled clean out of the sole of the shoe, making me completely lose my balance and fall forward, grazing my knee as I fell on to it. Ouch! (…and shame!!!).

The second injury occurred only a few days later. It was another, gorgeous, sunny day – and I was up at the shopping center again, with a pair of pretty, open toed sandals on my feet. I was in a bit of a hurry as I approached the supermarket and went to pull a trolley out of the trolley-park place, and as trolleys sometimes are, this particular one was quite well stuck into all of the others it was parked into, and I had to give it a good tug to jolt it free – and jolt it free it did – right over the big toe of my right foot, where the sharp edging of the trolley wheel split the top of my toe right down into the nail bed… yes – ouch again! And, oh the shame, as blood spurted out all over my prettily painted toes and the white leather of my sandal…

So, there you have it… wear jandals and open-toed sandals with caution this summer, people.

Carry on.