The Podiatrist – Eastridge, Auckland is situated within the Avondale Medical Centre.

We have a team of podiatrist who offer a broad spectrum of podiatry services. Our podiatrist can assist you with nail care including ingrown toe nail surgery, the removal of corns and callous, along with treating verrucas/plantar warts. The podiatrist are also able to treat and diagnose many of the common conditions associated with sports podiatry such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, achilles tendinitis, stress fractures, and ankle injuries to name just a few. We also provide prescriptive orthotic services, gait analysis, and shoe advice if required.

For those parents concerned with the various problems associated with developmental issues in children eg. flat feet, abnormal gait / walking / continual trippingin toeing / out toeing, our podiatrists are able to offer reassurance and treatment options if applicable.

We are also part of a team of podiatrists who care for, diagnose, treat, and offer advice on care of the feet to those patients with diabetes.

Most importantly, our podiatrists are available to discuss any concerns connected to podiatry that you might have even if it just some friendly advice about your next pair of shoes.