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Runners Shin Splints

Most runners will have experienced that sharp pain in the front of their shin, commonly known as shin splints, at some point in their running career. Shin splints can affect anyone – regardless of experience level or fitness. Healthy Steps has compiled a list of five tips that should help prevent and effectively treat shin […]

Foot & Ankle Injures with Children’s Sport

Tis the season for our sporty kiwi kids to be suffering injuries out on the football field. The most common injuries our kids may suffer occur in the foot, ankle, and legs. Regardless of whether it is a bruise, sprain, or fracture; parents need to be able to assess the injury and attend to it […]

Stock up on socks! Keep your feet covered!

While some may find it trendy to wear their loafers or boating shoes with no socks, this can be harmful for the overall health of your feet. Other than the obvious; stinky shoes and horrible foot odour that goes along with going sockless, there are various health benefits to wearing socks that many people are […]

Bests Sports Shoes for New Zealand Kids

Kiwis are renowned for their love of sports and adventure. Our future generation of athletes are running around on the playground at this very moment. Kids love to run. Those of us who constantly ran barefoot may be suffering the consequences now. Let’s protect those precious tootsies and provide them with the proper running shoes. […]

Make it to the finish line: common foot injuries for runners

Registration began on March 30th for the ASB Auckland Marathon which will take place on November 1, 2015. Most avid runners will have started training already. In a perfect world, every kilometre of the way would be 100 percent pain free. There are a myriad of foot injuries that can occur and some of these […]

Those Boots Are Made For Walking But It Doesn’t Have to Hurt!

Autumn is a time when many New Zealanders like to hike or tramp, and enjoy the breath-taking scenery our country is so blessed with. The weather is cooler and as the leaves turn, the autumn colours are a sight to behold. It would be such a shame for the joys of tramping to be spoiled […]

Healthy Steps Supports Ports Of Auckland Round The Bays

More than 30,000 runners are set to hit the pavement this Sunday March 8th, in Auckland’s annual Round The Bays fun run. Back in 1972, the Auckland Joggers Club organised an 8.4 kilometre running event that set off at Auckland Harbour, and followed Auckland’s shore line to finish up at St Helier’s Bay. 1200 people […]

All About Compression Socks

For decades, medical-grade graduated compression socks have been used to combat deep vein thrombosis or the formation of blood clots; with diabetic patients and long distance air travelers benefiting greatly from their use. But recent studies have shown that wearing graduated compression socks for running may also assist to stimulate the runner’s blood flow, helping […]

The Barefoot Running Debate

Winning a gold medal in an Olympics marathon is one amazing feat, but doing it barefoot is an accomplishment on a whole new level. Abebe Bikila ran sans shoes in the 1960 Olympics in Rome and took first place. Bikila’s shoes didn’t fit comfortably, so he ditched them pre-race. His choice was due to his […]