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Moose Drool – A Foot Fungus Treatment?

One of these days we are going to fight foot fungus with the mighty moose’s super drool… According to saliva expert, David Wong, There’s a medicinal value in saliva that’s not appreciated. Like adorable St. Bernard dogs, moose leave a trail of slobber wherever they go. However, this actually works out in their favour. Over […]

Friday’s Freaky Facts – 4 Bizarre Foot Practices From Around The World

Feet have featured in some pretty bizarre traditions and practices around the world, so in today’s blog I thought I’d tell you about 4 of them – starting with an unusually gooey tradition practiced at Indonesian weddings… You’ve got to really love your hubby in Indonesia, because according to Javanese tradition, during the wedding ceremony […]

Diabetic Foot Care – Dog Eats Master’s Toe!

Last week was diabetes awareness week in New Zealand, so I was researching all things diabetic and came across this strange but true story… (Be warned – the contents of this story are icky…) Jerry Douthett is a 48 year old diabetic who lives in Rockford, Michigan, and like many others who have diabetes, Jerry […]