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The facts about flat feet

Flat feet, or fallen arches, is a condition which affects approximately 40 percent of the population. There are two different types of flat feet – flexible and rigid. Flexible flatfeet are considered normal in children because often our arches are not fully developed until we reach a certain age -ranging from seven to thirteen. While […]

Foot & Ankle Injures with Children’s Sport

Tis the season for our sporty kiwi kids to be suffering injuries out on the football field. The most common injuries our kids may suffer occur in the foot, ankle, and legs. Regardless of whether it is a bruise, sprain, or fracture; parents need to be able to assess the injury and attend to it […]

Are Your Feet Killing You?

People often underestimate just how important it is to pay attention to our feet. Sure, some people will splurge on a pedicure in the summer, but often ignore more serious issues. The average person will walk over 185,075 kilometers in a lifetime. Our feet endure tremendous amounts of pressure and rarely get the attention that […]

All About Compression Socks

For decades, medical-grade graduated compression socks have been used to combat deep vein thrombosis or the formation of blood clots; with diabetic patients and long distance air travelers benefiting greatly from their use. But recent studies have shown that wearing graduated compression socks for running may also assist to stimulate the runner’s blood flow, helping […]

The Barefoot Running Debate

Winning a gold medal in an Olympics marathon is one amazing feat, but doing it barefoot is an accomplishment on a whole new level. Abebe Bikila ran sans shoes in the 1960 Olympics in Rome and took first place. Bikila’s shoes didn’t fit comfortably, so he ditched them pre-race. His choice was due to his […]

Four Foot Injury Fallacies

“My foot or ankle can’t be broken, because I can move it.” False. This widespread idea has kept many fractures from receiving proper treatment. The truth is that often you can walk with certain kinds of fractures. Some common examples: breaks of the thinner of the two leg bones small “chip” fractures of either foot […]

Step Into 2015 On Healthy, Happy Feet With Healthy Steps Podiatry.

Despite the fact that they are responsible for keeping us independently mobile, feet don’t receive nearly as much love and attention as they deserve. Take a minute to look at your feet. Go on—kick off your shoes, peel off your socks and pay some attention to those undervalued and unsung heroes. They may be a […]

Feeling Your Flat Feet This Festive Season

If you have flat feet, you’re probably going to know all about it in the coming few weeks. Why? Well it’s the festive season of course! Many of you are destined to spend hours standing in line waiting to pay for holiday gifts, see Santa or mail holiday cards and packages. There are also those […]

Beware the Jandal – Have Happy, Healthy Feet This Summer

Summertime in New Zealand is jandal and strappy slip-on time, and I bet you’re all busy with pampering pedicures to get your feet all pretty and ready to show off. But walking in jandals and strappy slip-ons comes with problems, because when you’re wearing shoes that don’t connect to your foot – this is how […]