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Feet Type & Foot Shapes

What your foot shape reveal? Your two feet combined contain one-fourth of all the bones in your body. The human foot consists of 3 arches, 20 muscles, 24 ligaments, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 7,800 nerves. Our feet come in a wide variety of shapes, types, and sizes. If you are suffering from chronic foot […]

The facts about flat feet

Flat feet, or fallen arches, is a condition which affects approximately 40 percent of the population. There are two different types of flat feet – flexible and rigid. Flexible flatfeet are considered normal in children because often our arches are not fully developed until we reach a certain age -ranging from seven to thirteen. While […]

Foot & Ankle Injures with Children’s Sport

Tis the season for our sporty kiwi kids to be suffering injuries out on the football field. The most common injuries our kids may suffer occur in the foot, ankle, and legs. Regardless of whether it is a bruise, sprain, or fracture; parents need to be able to assess the injury and attend to it […]

Bests Sports Shoes for New Zealand Kids

Kiwis are renowned for their love of sports and adventure. Our future generation of athletes are running around on the playground at this very moment. Kids love to run. Those of us who constantly ran barefoot may be suffering the consequences now. Let’s protect those precious tootsies and provide them with the proper running shoes. […]

Weight Loss And Foot Pain

New Year’s Resolutions can include many goals – from traveling around the world to getting healthier and running a marathon. What ever your New Year’s Resolution may be, it’s always a good idea to make sure your feet are in tip top shape, and at Healthy Steps Podiatry, we’re here to help you prep. Topping […]

Common Childhood Foot Problems

Like adults, children and adolescents can experience a variety of foot and ankle problems. Many foot problems, such as flat feet, are congenital; while other problems including heel pain or ingrown toenails are usually the result of an injury. Because a child’s bones and tendons grow so rapidly however, many confusing symptoms associated with their […]

Feeling Your Flat Feet This Festive Season

If you have flat feet, you’re probably going to know all about it in the coming few weeks. Why? Well it’s the festive season of course! Many of you are destined to spend hours standing in line waiting to pay for holiday gifts, see Santa or mail holiday cards and packages. There are also those […]