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Ingrown Toenails

Everyone will have suffered from an ingrown toenail at one point in their lives. This condition affects people of all ages – from young children to the elderly. Ingrown toenails occur when the corner or side of the nail grows into the skin instead of growing on top of it. The big toe is the […]

Cold feet aren’t healthy.

Cold feet aren’t happy feet! Leave it to the penguins I’m going to assume the answer is no. For most of us, we would leave that to the penguins. If my feet are cold; it generally means my whole body is cold. So if you can’t always wear fur-lined boots, what else can you do […]

Diabetes and Foot Care: The Podiatrist Tips

For people with diabetes, foot care and proper foot health is essential. People who suffer from diabetes need to take extra care of their feet. Most diabetics suffer from nerve damage or neuropathy and may not feel tiny abrasions which can turn into major problems. Diabetes also affects the blood circulation, which makes healing time slower and infections […]

The Podiatrist Reveals 10 Freaky Facts About Feet

#1: In a lifetime, the average Joe or Jane from down the road, will have walked more than four times around the Earth #2: Standing still is more exhausting than walking due to the fact that you are straining the same few muscles for a longer period of time. #3: Your toes carry one half […]

Weight Loss And Foot Pain

New Year’s Resolutions can include many goals – from traveling around the world to getting healthier and running a marathon. What ever your New Year’s Resolution may be, it’s always a good idea to make sure your feet are in tip top shape, and at Healthy Steps Podiatry, we’re here to help you prep. Topping […]

Diabetic Foot Care – Dog Eats Master’s Toe!

Last week was diabetes awareness week in New Zealand, so I was researching all things diabetic and came across this strange but true story… (Be warned – the contents of this story are icky…) Jerry Douthett is a 48 year old diabetic who lives in Rockford, Michigan, and like many others who have diabetes, Jerry […]