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Daily routines for healthy feet

We all have routines for daily grooming. I wash my face and make sure I put my anti-wrinkle lotion on morning and night. I brush and floss my teeth three times a day. Unfortunately, my routine is not as vigorous when it comes to my feet.  Most of us use our feet in one way […]

Step Into 2015 On Healthy, Happy Feet With Healthy Steps Podiatry.

Despite the fact that they are responsible for keeping us independently mobile, feet don’t receive nearly as much love and attention as they deserve. Take a minute to look at your feet. Go on—kick off your shoes, peel off your socks and pay some attention to those undervalued and unsung heroes. They may be a […]

Don’t Get Dry, Cracked Heels This Summer

Cracked heels are unsightly and painful, and they can become even more painful and more of a serious problem if they develop into fissures. And summer is the season for dry, cracked heels – especially here in New Zealand where most of us live in jandals or go barefoot a lot of the time. If […]