More rain- are you prepared? | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

  We are ready for the wet weather- are you? Keep your feet warm and dry - Boonies are designed and tested to be the most comfortable outdoor footwear you have ever owned! Rated to sub zero temperatures and with a comfort plus footbed, Boonies are the next wave of...

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Flat feet- Children’s feet | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

  Children with flat feet, also called pes planus, have a flattening of the arch during standing and walking. Flat foot is normal in infants and young children. At this age, in the absence of any associated symptoms, treatment is highly debatable. Flat foot usually...

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Travelling? Care for your feet. | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

  Although rest and relaxation are the goals for most holidays, they usually involve a lot of walking and a lot of walking usually involves sore feet. If your feet aren’t in the best shape or you don’t have the right shoes, too much walking can cause foot problems....

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