For all of their strappy and colorful cuteness, summer sandals have one major downside – blisters…

When temperatures heat up, your feet swell and sweat, which can cause friction against your shoes — even comfy ones — and painful, fluid-filled sacs can develop.

So, with prevention being the best cure, what’s the best way to avoid blisters?

  • First, make sure your shoes fit you just right. If they pinch in the store, chances are they’ll pinch when you wear them for the first time too; and all the other times after that.
  • If you feel a blister starting to develop, cover the area with a plaster to prevent any further development.
  • Make sure your feet stay as dry as possible – use powder or antiperspirant to keep them dry.

If a blister does develop, resist the urge to pop it! Popping a blister can introduce infection, so it’s best to keep the blister covered with a plaster until it dries up.

But if the blister has already popped, what’s the best way to treat it?

  • Keep it covered! This will help protect it from further friction damage, and it will also help protect it from getting infected.
  • Apply aloe vera ointment or gel – it’s verysoothing and hydrating and it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Apply tea tree ointment or gel – ea tree oil is wonderful stuff! It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it’s great for preventing infection and foot fungus.

The most important thing with blisters, is to avoid infection. We have a great range of anti-septic and anti-bacterial ointments and creams available at Healthy Steps, but if you have a blister that has become infected, make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists in Auckland – you may need anti-biotic treatment.